Who we are

We believe that the world needs a voice, and that to understand our planet we have a duty to share its stories in an unforgettable way, through entertaining, immersive and enlightening productions. 

Harnessing the very latest filming technology, we pride ourselves in top-class story-telling, extreme location filming and sophisticated studio work to knock the socks off the unsuspecting audience.


What we do

Five Films produces factual films for television broadcast. Firmly embedded within the Bristol media community, we have strong relationships with some exceptional and award-winning freelance talent, whether we’re making blue-chip or presenter-led formats, we only use the best people for the job.

Our campaign film department uses studios based in Bristol, London and Norwich. Thanks to our creative reputation and powerful ethos, we are able to attract the best commercial talent to work on our productions. We use classic visual techniques and high-tech equipment to create a stunning look and combine that with emotional storytelling to leave a message with a real impact.

Company Policy

We have a commitment to conduct our business with an exceptionally high standard of social and environmental care. For example, when filming abroad we have a policy of employing at least one local person on the production team, taking the time to select and train that person if necessary. 

We also make sure our films are seen by the people of the area where we film, by organising projections in schools and community centres or arranging television broadcasts where possible.

We are paper-free as standard and plan carefully to avoid waste.

We exclusively work for or with companies and people who leave a positive footprint on the world.